Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation

About the Greater Satanic Conversation

Where It Came From

The idea of the Greater Satanic Conversation came out of Reverend Campbell's 9sense Podcast. The discussion was based around controlling your individual conversation both online in social media, and offline in your personal and professional lives.

We tend to see ourselves one way, projecting our image to the world, but it is quite often received in a different, and at times dramatically different manner.

Controlling our individual conversations is at the very core of what it means to be a Satanist. The manipulation of the world around you through the use of Lesser Magic comes naturally to a Satanist. Sometimes effectively using it can have a learning curve.

The Compleat Witch or What to do When Virtue Fails by Anton Szandor LaVey was released in 1971 c.e. (Common Era). It outlined in great detail the practice of Lesser Magic. It was later released as The Satanic Witch in 1989 c.e. I highly recommend the book to both men and women alike, it is an essential volume for every Satanist.

Later I would see pseudo-satanists in the media, acting the fool and bringing Satanism down to their childish level in the public sphere. It stood to reason that if we can control our individual conversation, we could control the Satanic conversation that is being had in the media. The difference being, the media is already having a Satanic conversation which is being defined by these pseudo-satanic pretenders. If we are going to reclaim control of the Satanic conversation, we need to have a Greater Satanic Conversation.

Dissecting the Definition

Before we can have any conversation, we need to understand what we are talking about. This is why Reverend Campbell defined the Greater Satanic Conversation. The formal definition: The definitive expression of Satanism in society, is deceptively simple, and yet speaks volumes about its intent and purpose.

By using the word 'definitive', we are stating upfront and clearly that we are speaking about the only codified understanding of Satanism, not some derivative of it, or some poorly manufactured mumbo jumbo. Satanism was codified in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1969 c.e. Prior to it's release, there had never been a formal institution or organization that self identified as Satanists, Satanic or practiced a religion of Satanism. This is important to understand as it irrefutably proclaims Anton Szandor LaVey created the religion of Satanism, and thus The Satanic Bible is the only legitimate understanding of Satanism.

The second part of the Greater Satanic Conversation's definition that is important to examine is the word 'expression'. Satanism is at it's core, about living life. Again a deceptively simple idea, you'll see that a lot in Satanism. It means championing your vital existence and engaging in the world on your terms to meet and achieve goals you define. This can mean you withdraw from society completely or you work undercover to manipulate society. This is an important point to understand: Satanism is about living, not bloviating your person in social media, or solely engaging with the world through it.