Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation

Contributors to the Greater Satanic Conversation

Below you will find some of the most influential participants in the Greater Satanic Conversation. If you feel you should be represented or you know someone who should be that is not listed, please email

Church of Satan
The Church of Satan has been the sole voice and defender of Satanism from the beginning. Our High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore represents the organization with dignity and authority.

News Feed | Third Side Intelligence | The Black Flame | The Cloven Hoof

Satanic Players Society
The Satanic Players Society is made up of members of the Church of Satan bringing short stories and screenplays of Satanic authors to life. The aim of the group is to provide listeners with a fun show while at the same time emulating the Church's ethos of being a "Mutual Appreciation Society" providing a platform for fellow members works to be aired.

Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell Interviews...
Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell Interviews... is a live streaming, YouTube video interview show from the creator of 9sense Podcast. Reverend Campbell brings his personal, in-depth and entertaining aproach to interviewing to a live audience with interaction through chat. Tune in live and interact with the audience, host and guest. Susbscribe to the YouTube channel and sign up to the email list for upcoming show times and guests. | YouTube Channel | Email List

9sense Podcast Archive
9sense was a Satanic news and opinion podcast that ran from XLVI A.S. (2011 C.E.) to LI A.S. (2016 C.E.). It was created in a vacuum of quality Satanic content online and stands to this day as the only Satanic podcast to truly define the Greater Satanic Conversation.

Underworld Amusements
Underworld Amusements is a small publisher producing unusual books for unusual people. Run by Magister Kevin I. Slaughter, and generally focusing books with a Satanic angle, whether implicit or explicit.

iSatanist is a Church of Satan Endorsed company owned by Warlock John H Shaw that caters to Satanists worldwide with their needs for Satanic aesthetics in the forms of wall art, jewelry, books, electronics, and other products that are soon to be available. iSatanist — The Highest Embodiment of Satanic Products!

ASP Apparel Satanic & Heathen Clothing & Regalia
ASP Apparel is a business run by Reverend Ashley S. Palmer as an exclusive outlet for his unique Satanic clothing & regalia. Each custom order is created in-house, enabling his devilish designs to manifest via personal creative Satanic rituals, ceremonially launched out into the world. Est. MMIX

The Compleat Witch Illustrated Bibliography Project
"The Compleat Witch Illustrated Bibliography Project" is a systematic exploration of the ideas and individuals that fueled one of the foundational books of the "most feared religion" — Satanism.

"Satanism demands study, not worship" is the maxim embraced in this effort to crystallize Satanic thought. The project is not a beginning or an end, but an elaborate mid-point, a structure from which to advance.

The project adds annotation, illustrations and reviews of the original bibliography found in "The Compleat Witch" by Anton Szandor LaVey. Now published as "The Satanic Witch," this book is essential to anyone attempting to understand LaVey's observations of the human animal.

The Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet Altarpiece by Rev. Byrd
Baphomet Altarpieces, using the trademarked Church of Satan Sigil, individually and meticulously handcrafted by Rev. Byrd.

Radio Free Satan
Radio Free Satan is a music and commentary podcast network run entirely by active members of the Church of Satan. From metal to opera, our music DJ's curate their favorite selections from a wide range of genres, new and old. RFS also features one of the longest running online comedy podcasts (The Devil's Mischief), horror movie commentary, short stories & old time radio, social commentary, and more.

Old Nick Magazine
Old Nick is the world's only Satanic men's magazine often described as "Playboy With Horns." Each issue features timely and informative articles of interest to the Satanic community, epicurean and hedonistic delights, and of course a bevy of pulchritude showcasing sensual Old Nick Chicks and the seductive "Temptress" Centerfold.

Marilyn Mansfield

Witch Marilyn Mansfield became known for her modeling. After that, she became internationally known for her doll collecting and artistry. She is now a reborn/horror doll artist.