Defining the Greater Satanic Conversation

The Importance of the Greater Satanic Conversation

Why have it?

There is a Satanic conversation being had with or without us. Pseudos, detractors and pretenders are currently attempting to redefine and overtly misrepresenting Satanism. This means that whenever someone hears the word Satanism, they don't think about Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible, or even you, they think of some asshat in a superhero helmet yelling at a building or making out over a gravestone. Whether you like, agree, accept or recognize it, the world at large does.

The only way to combat this overt attempt at destroying Satanism, is to have the Greater Satanic Conversation.

How it relates back to the definition.

We have to remember, definitions are very much dynamic in the public's mind. When what is seen and used as an online encyclopedia is able to be edited by anyone at any time, truth is what your friend told you, not necessarily reality. We live in a world where journalists don't even fact check, but take the smallest controversial soundbite and build a narrative around that. In this context, 'definitive' means whatever any pseudo wants it to mean.

If these shit disturbers are allowed to run with their nonsense, Satanic 'expression' will be public displays of nonsense for socio-political agendas, rather than composing emotionally charged music. It will be inappropriate statues in the public sphere rather than the intimate kiss of lovers in their total environment or ridiculous satanic coloring books in schools in the place of manipulating your environment to achieve personal goals.

Satanism isn't sitting online typing a cruel response to some social media post, or collecting as many 'evil' friends or celebrities into your friends list, it's living life and making your mark on the world.